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Plans for new U.S. cryptocurrency regulations are an encouraging move for Canada's sector, experts say.

March 15, 2022

Phil Sham, co-founder and CEO at Aquanow, was recently quoted in a Globe and Mail article by Irene Galea regarding the long-awaited executive order from the White House that could signal more regulation for the Canadian cryptocurrency market:

"Industry experts say the U.S. moves to regulate the sector demonstrate a general positivity toward cryptocurrency, and the promise of legal clarity for it may, in turn, influence Canada’s legal requirements.

'Regulatory bodies act with sovereignty but do take leads from other countries,' said Phil Sham, co-founder and chief executive officer at Aquanow, a digital asset company based in Vancouver.

He expects security agencies here will follow U.S. regulators by providing more clarity that will enable greater crypto innovation and adoption."

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